What is a Custom Kitchen?

A Custom Kitchen refers to a kitchen that is specifically built to your tastes and preferences.

Typically, these types of kitchens are of much higher quality, and more expensive, as they are not mass produced. They are one-of-a-kind.

Is a Custom Kitchen Right for Me?

The biggest benefit of a custom kitchen is the fact that its measured to fit exactly in your kitchen.

You can pick out styles, colors, hardware, materials and finishing - all to your liking. This is a huge advantage over buying something pre-built.

What Types of Kitchens are There?

There are 3 different types. Stock (i.e. mass-produced), Semi-Custom (i.e. Stock with extra detailing) and Custom.

Stock and Semi-Custom Kitchens can be installed once you purchase them. Custom, on the other hand, take a few weeks to months to complete.