Emstar Kitchen Cabinets & Furniture

Emstar Kitchen Cabinets & Furniture
12 Cliveden Ct
Thomastown, VIC 3074
Phone: 0418 304 109
E-mail: tony@emstar.com.au
Australian Business Number (ABN): 12 070 944 053

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets Thomastown, Victoria.

Remodeling, All phases of carpentry,cabinets,hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and countertops, Drywall work,Painting and finishing,Tile work.

Emstar Kitchen Cabinets & Furniture designs and builds a dream kitchen with new countertops and even islands! Emstar Kitchen Cabinets & Furniture also specializes in:

Antique kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet designers, Bathroom remodeling, walk-ins, etc.

Many white oak cabinets available.

Used kitchen cabinets in Thomastown, Victoria.

We Design Build and Install Custom Cabinetry & Furniture.

Emstar Kitchen Cabinets & Furniture is located in Victoria, specializing in gloss white kitchen cabinets, 24 inch base cabinet, white laminate cabinets, white base cabinets and pickled oak cabinets.

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