Kelly’s Cabinets & Joinery

Kelly’s Cabinets & Joinery
264 Cabbage Tree Rd
Grose Vale, NSW 2753
Phone: (02) 4572 1927
Australian Business Number (ABN): 15 316 910 940

Cabinet refinishing services? Provide full design, plan, build and installation for all our work.

Custom Cabinet Design, Construction and Installation.

Kelly’s Cabinets & Joinery specialize in custom kitchen and cabinet making for both residential and commercial markets. With over 20 years experience in carpentry and cabinet making our skilled craftsman can build to any specification or design request.

Kelly’s Cabinets & Joinery provides high quality custom kitchen cabinets to the homeowners. They help you renovate a cramped and boring kitchen at a reasonable price.

Millwork, Custom and Factory Cabinets.

Kelly’s Cabinets & Joinery specializes in many areas, and offers services related to green and white kitchen cabinets, black shaker cabinets, 18 inch deep wall cabinets and vintage metal cabinets.

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