Great Lakes Case & Cabinets

Great Lakes Case & Cabinets
3630 Shaw Blvd., Suite 4
Naples, FL 34117
Phone: (866) 879-4522

We can’t wait to show you how we’ll bring your custom kitchen project to life!

We offer kitchen cabinets and vanity cabinets in unique selections of various styles in stained, and painted maple hardwood.

Transform your kitchen with our premium quality countertops. We carry a vast selection of countertops with many color options and styles to choose from here at Great Lakes Case & Cabinets.

Great Lakes Case & Cabinets prides itself with traditions in excellence.

From beginning to end, Great Lakes Case & Cabinets is your partner in planning and executing your next kitchen and bathroom remodeling dreams.

Great Lakes Case And Cabinet

Rural Estates, Whitelake Industrial Corporate Park

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