Yd Designs

Yd Designs
244 42Nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Phone: (718) 492-4974
Cell: (212)334-8998
E-mail: info@yddesigns.com

Call us for an appointment to measure your project and get the design process started. There is no cost or obligation for this service.

Yd Designs help make dreams come true and bring friends and families together. We have an innovative approach to the design process. We bring to life your vision of a perfect kitchen using technology that far exceeds industry standards.

We have 20 plus years in the industry and can help in all areas on the project without you having worry about major issues.

Our design staff is the first step in translating two-dimensional plans into three-dimensional products. Designers are experienced in the unique requirements of multifamily construction and knowledgeable in jurisdictional code and compliance.

Sunset Park, South Brooklyn

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