Blue Point Services LLC

Blue Point Services LLC
2312 Fairdale Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: (216) 390-0090

Commercial Architectural Millwork and Casework contractor in Cleveland, Ohio.

Colour consultations, kitchen and bath design, shopping or helping with flooring, paint, tile, cabinets, back splash, lighting, furniture and art.

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One comment on “Blue Point Services LLC
  1. Rebecca Mann says:

    Project: Remodel a Bathroom
    Work started on 8/22/2016: This was the worst experience I have ever had. Mike Puczkowski’s work was awful. He even said (on day 11 of a 5 day project) “I know it’s not my best work.” It was not even subpar work. He kept asking me if I agreed to things that he knew he was doing wrong but he explained why it was”OK to do it like this”, but it was clearly not the professional thing to do.
    I hired a “professional”, why is he asking me if it’s acceptable to put tile over a vinyl floor or after the tub surround is glued to the wall, if the huge gap is ok? He did not do what was agreed upon after he made his bid. My bathroom is a mess. I don’t believe Blue Point is a real LLC. There are zero legal records of this business that I could find.
    He will say, “She did not let me finish” and that is correct. I fired him on day 11 after none of the issues were fixed and all that was left was some trim and paint touch ups, so he said.
    The issues:
    -Corner wall by tub, not properly fixed. It was rotted but the wood was still good. He tried to fill it in with mud only.
    -glue from tiles was not properly sanded down, only painted over.
    -threw out metal (original to house) laundry shoot door. Hundreds of dollars to replace.
    -painted over new vinyl window.
    -never fixed the walls as agreed to when bidding.
    -He used black drywall screws to hang my brand new white cabinet, instead of what was provided specifically for the cabinet.
    -he never tore the floor out to replace damaged subfloor around toilet. (He lied and said it was fine) it is most definitely not fine.
    -He used my paper towels, took water bottles from my fridge (after getting back from Home Depot, asks me if it’s OK, UM, it’s already done), my rolls of masking and painters tape are missing.
    -He was using Almond colored silicone in a bright white bathroom, instead of the white that was provided, which a few tubes also went missing.
    -Worked between 3 to 5hrs a day. On day 8 thru 11, I had to make check lists for each day to get him on track. I was without a shower for 8 days and a toilet for 9 days. He quoted me 2500 for labor for this small remodel and refused to fix what he said he would fix. His exact words “you can’t expect me to skim coat half of the walls for 2500” When he came in I CLEARLY said, the leaky toilet, the paint issue on the walls and general updating are why I am doing this remodel. His response “No problem, I can make the walls look nice.” There were no plumbing or electrical issues. I went to the stores and purchased EVERYTHING. All he had to do was tear out and put back. For 2500, I expected a clean job. What I got was a disaster. I have had a few real contractors in and they are speechless at the “work” that was done. 3, actual professionals, all shocked by what he did. The BBB has been contacted as well. I have pictures of this mess and if you would like, I will be happy to send them.

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