Murrin, Fred Enterprise Ltd

Murrin, Fred Enterprise Ltd, Fred Murrin – Proprietor
Cabinet Maker, The
438 Indian Meal Line
Torbay, NL A1K 1G4
Phone: (709) 437-1552

For over 25 years Murrin, Fred Enterprise Ltd has provided it’s customers with fine cabinetry and custom woodwork. Our prices are fair and our quality and execution top notch. From a modern kitchen to a stunning solid wood wine cellar we can cover all your woodworking needs.

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One comment on “Murrin, Fred Enterprise Ltd
  1. Paul Manuel says:

    Fred, I am looking for a quote to have my kitchen counter replaced. I live at 58 Regent St. I am off this Friday (Jan 15) and was wondering if that could be accomplished?

    Paul Manuel

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